What is the difference between corona virus and flu?

What is the difference between corona virus and flu?

What is the difference between corona virus and flu?

Creation Date; 17.03.2020 17:25

Although the symptoms progress like colds and flu, the corona virus manifests itself with obvious differences after a while. One of the symptoms of Corona is high fever. He has symptoms such as fever getting too high, respiratory failure, dry cough. The interesting thing is that corona cases may not have symptoms like sneezing. According to researches, sneezing is not one of the symptoms of corona virus, but still consult your doctor for the most accurate information because it may differ from patient to patient. There are symptoms such as nasal discharge, dry cough, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, high fever. Today, we may not be equipped to remove corona virus from flu; we can see it as a simple flu, but it can have different consequences. The best thing to do in this process is to go to the doctor and find the source of the microbe in your body by having a corona virus test. Every person with every flu and colds is not a corona virus, but if you feel such symptoms in your body for the most accurate result, it is useful to consult a doctor immediately. If you recently traveled abroad, you must follow the 14-day rule. As doctors, experts, professors warn, it is recommended to quarantine yourself for 14 days after returning to the country and, if possible, not to enter crowded environments.

Who gets Corona virus?
Although there are many opinions on this subject, one of the thoughts that is emphasized is as follows; corona virus does not appear under the age of 9. It is unlikely to be infected until the age of 40, but people who are 60 years old and above, who have chronic disease, are more likely to have the disease. Cancer patients, patients with lung problems, diabetics have to be more careful in this process. In general, although all the tables are frightening, if this disease has entered our country, it would be a better solution to increase our measures instead of panic. So how do we protect from corona virus?


Ways to protect against Corona virus

80 degree colonies, antibacterial gels, medical masks … If you still have the chance, start by getting them. Yes, we say if you still have a chance because these materials were almost assaulted. While the increase in mask prices surprises us day by day, the same increase spreads to cologne and antibacterial gels continues to be astonishing! Let’s summarize what needs to be done with a few items;

If you go abroad and return home, do not enter crowded environments for 14 days.
Wash your hands according to the 20-second rule. So for 20 seconds, foam your nails and palms well.
Clean your hands regularly with anti-bacterial gels.
Always use a mask for public transport.
Wipe your hands frequently with 80 degrees of cologne.
After coming from the outside, take off your clothes and wash them regularly.
If you have a cold, work from home if possible and avoid infecting others.
There are opinions that soups such as head and bone water prevent the disease, but experts say that there is no food or drink that protects it from corona virus. Let the food and drink, even a corona virus drug to be used in the treatment of corona virus has not been made yet. Although there are studies, no official announcements have been made yet.

It is important to strengthen our immune system to protect against Corona virus. Try to get plenty of vitamins.
Alkaline water is said to be good for our body.
Things like drinking warm water, drinking warm water with lemon and the like are also said to be useful.
Eating garlic and onions has nothing to do with corona virus, according to experts. There will be many superstitions in this process, but it will be useful to consult a doctor for the most accurate information.
According to experts, the most effective way to protect against corona virus is to wash your hands regularly. Because the virus is transmitted by contact. After hanging in the air for a while, it descends to the ground. There are some explanations that the Corona virus cannot withstand the heat. According to some opinions, this virus, which does not like the sun and heat, will destroy itself and die as the summer months come. Yes, we are afraid. Yes, we are worried. However, rather than living our life with fear due to the corona virus, it seems that it would be best to minimize all the dangers with the precautions we will take. 

We’d better take a break from shaking for a while!

How Should I Eat Against Corona (COVID-19) Virus?

Include foods that will strengthen your immune system in your diet.
Use spices such as turmeric, ginger, pepper, cumin.
You can use home yogurt, kefir and fermented pickles as probiotics.
Prefer to consume citrus fruits, blueberries, kiwi fruit.
Eat foods such as broccoli, onion, garlic, cauliflower, and red pepper more often.
Include oats in your diet as it contains beta glucan.
Consume teas such as green tea, rosehip and linden.
Since sugar will disrupt the intestinal flora, it will also have a negative effect on your immune system. Therefore, minimize your sugar consumption.

Corona (Corona) Virus Treatment 

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment method specific to the Corona Virus. First of all, you need to see a doctor and have a Corona Virus Test. Your doctor may recommend you pain relieving antipyretic drugs. Apart from that, plenty of fluid consumption and resting in your home away from crowded environments is important in terms of getting over the disease more easily. If your condition is getting worse, you have problems with breathing, high fever without vomiting, vomiting and prolonged diarrhea, you should be hospitalized.

Ways to Prevent Corona (Corona) Virus

Wash your hands frequently for Corona Virus as it is done to prevent transmission of each virus. Be sure to clean all areas, especially with soap. One of the first precautions you will take when you enter your home or office is to wash your hands.
If you cannot wash your hands, take care to use disinfectant.
Patient, especially try to stay away from people you know are infected, avoid contact.
Do not touch animals that you are not sure about their cleanliness.
Do not enter closed and crowded areas, especially shopping malls. If you have to enter, do not touch too many places on escalators, door handles or public transport. If you have to contact, keep your hands away from your face, mouth and eyes.
Try to stay away from coughing and sneezing people. Use handkerchiefs to sneeze or cough yourself and then throw it away immediately.
Do not use the same glasses, plates, towels as patients.
Do not consume raw or uncooked animal products. (Especially Camel meat)

Healthy days…