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The new trend in hair: Cornrow weave&

The new trend in hair: Cornrow weave&

The new trend in hair: Cornrow weave

Although Cornrow braids may seem difficult at first glance, you can easily do it after trying a few times .. Those who have a thin and flawless look can try this medium and long hair as well as those with a bob cut.

It first appeared in the 90s. This hairstyle, which was also very popular in those years, became fashionable with its return to the hair trends as of 2018. Cornrow braids consist of very fine rows of knits. The braids that are similar to the herringbone pattern are knitted much finer than classical braids.

You can also get stylish hairstyles such as bun, ponytail from Cornrow braids. After knitting the bottom of your hair, you can give your hair under the shape of a twirl and make a nape knob or try the tight ponytail model.

Cornrow weave models can actually be applied to almost any size hair. If you have bob cut hair, you can make this braid model too. You can get a different and dynamic look by knitting the hair strands that you will get from the edges of your hair.