Pantone 2020 Spring / Summer Fashion Color Trends

Pantone 2020 Spring / Summer Fashion Color Trends

Pantone 2020 Spring / Summer Fashion Color Trends

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Perhaps the most dominant color coming out of London Fashion Week, this dynamic red is so hot that it cannot be ignored. Fiery Red, whose flashy character is evident, will be indispensable especially for sexy night dresses and accessories.

Orange Peel (Pantone 16-1359 Orange Peel)

The color that can be read as the answer of New York Fashion Week to Londoner is one of the most vibrant shades coming out of the city. It is also ideal for autumn thanks to its pumpkin-like shadows.

Burnt Red (Pantone 18-1662 Flame Scarlet)

The red of New York Fashion Week has a warmer tone. The color, which looks quite energetic by itself, stands in a calmer place compared to Fiery Red. Yet there is no doubt that it will instill self-confidence in the wearer.

Bright Orange (Pantone 15-1157 Flame Orange)

This rich shade of orange, reminiscent of an eye-catching sunset, is the kind you will feel strong while on top of you. Complementary blues are undoubtedly the best fit for orange, which is also suitable for harmonization with other warm tones of the season.

Saffron Yellow (Pantone 14-1064 Saffron)

Saffron, which finds itself in the perfect balance between orange and yellow, stands in a simple and delicious place without disturbing. As such, it is as impressive as we can say, perhaps the best among the 2020 Spring / Summer color trends.

Cinnamon Stick Color (Pantone 18-1345 Cinnamon Stick)

The most spicy shade that walks on the New York catwalks is this appetizing coffee-red shade. The color, which is slightly redder than the real cinnamon, gives the essence and right of the spice.

Dried Rose (Pantone 18-1512 Rose Brown) Ω

Adding depth to the London Fashion Week catwalks, this shade has a rich warmth that does not hit you, just like a good wine. Before reaching the purple, almost the last cool shade, Rose Dry contains a non-brown neutrality.

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Grape Compote (Pantone 18-3513 Grape Compote) %

The 2020 Spring / Summer fashion color, in dark purple tone, which can match the light shades of trend colors, refers to a rather mature and soft stance. We recommend you to try it with yellows and corals.

Beet Purple (Pantone 18-2143 Beetroot Purple) «

This shocking fuchsia tone from London Fashion Week is quite ambitious and frightening, but it is very successful in creating a pattern with dull tones.

Soft Pink (Pantone 14-1513 Blossom) <<

This delicate, soft and feminine tone, saluting the spring flowers that inform the arrival of spring by coloring the trees before anyone else, loads a dose of romance on every piece it is used.

Coral Pink (Pantone 14-1318 Coral Pink) ⇒

The tone, which creates an intimate and peaceful atmosphere by combining the warmth of the coral with the delicacy of pink, was used especially in fabrics such as tulle and satin.

Yellow Iris (Pantone 11-0622 Yellow Iris) 〈〈←

Yellow Iris, who finds herself a tone in her softest place by avoiding being pastel, is extremely optimistic and has a character that will glance over her eyes. Its airy mood makes it very successful in matching the warm tones of the season.

Daylight Color (Pantone 13-0822 Sunlight)

The tone, which walks as pure and elegant steps as possible in the borders of the cream color, and is neutral enough to harmonize with every color palette, will be worth your skin as the most harmless form of sunlight.

Faded Denim (Pantone 17-4021 Faded Denim) ⇐

It was inevitable that New York catwalks, which focused on street fashion, made the tone that best suits the street. Pale Denim color, which lifts the denim’s popularity for the last few years, is in harmony with the color palette of the season.

Mosaic Blue (Pantone 18-4528 Mosaic Blue) Π

This shade of blue calling the sky is so mysterious and nimble enough to reveal deep emotions. This blue, which is a perfect shade of the most saturated denim, seems to be seen frequently in the Spring / Summer season of 2020.

Turquoise Tangara (Pantone 13-4720 Tanager Turquoise) ⇐

It is dull, still alive and energetic in every way. Standing in a soothing spot of blue, the color references a relaxed mood and season.

Biscay Green (Pantone 15-5718 Biscay Green) ∼

A tone in the vitality of the waters of the gulf, which it takes its name, is Biskay Green. It is extremely refreshing and refreshing with its reference to water. Thanks to its vitality, it is also a good choice for street fashion.

Chives Color (Pantone 19-0323 Chive) ♥♥

This herbaceous shade of dark green has an ingenious warmness that is not immediately noticeable. The color, which also has a healthy and restorative harmony, is one of the few dark shades walking on the catwalks. Ideal for cool times of spring.

Storm Green (Pantone 19-5217 Storm) ω

This dark shade of green takes its striking coolness. It has a luxurious saturation as it resembles a real jewel tone. Its mature and sophisticated feel makes it ideal especially for night views. This single shade of green coming out of London Fashion Week is one of the most impressive colors of the season palette.

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Blueberry (Pantone 19-4021 Blueberry) ↵↵↵

This rich night blue is one of the most basic shades of the color palette. With a mysterious and provocative spirit, the tone, unlike its name, contains saturation above the average of neutral tones, with no purple in it.

Ash Color (Pantone 16-3802 Ash) ⇒

This cool shade of timeless gray is also the most basic shade for those who want to play games with trend blues. It differs from ordinary gray in that it is dense and strong.

Poplar Mushroom (Pantone 13-4201 Oyster Mushroom)

Poplar Mushroom, which is the best neutral tone that you can possess with its power and serenity at the same time, is an enormous color for professional wardrobes.

Glaze White (Pantone 11-4800 Blanc de Blanc) ⊕

Soft enough to match the warm tones of the 2020 Spring / Summer color trends and intense enough to be used alone. In addition to the voluminous silhouettes, it is very compatible with fluid fabrics such as satin.

Cigar Tobacco Powder (Pantone 15-1314 Cuban Sand) ←

Puro Sand, which is a light and yet sophisticated binding color that best deserves light dresses, professional classics and 70’s inspired suits, is also one of the colors we will see this season.

Starfish Color (Pantone 16-1324 Lark) ←

Every season needs a dominant right, and that tone for the Spring / Summer 2020 season, Tarlakuşu. This warm neutral shade, which is a perfect trench coat color, is intense to adapt to accessories and almost any piece.

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