2020 Spring / Summer Accessory Trends

2020 Spring / Summer Accessory Trends

2020 Spring / Summer Accessory Trends

  • 06 March 2020 09:26

When we review the whole season, one material leaves them all: the humble raffia, or palm fiber. Fiber, which brings life to shoes, bags and belts, corresponds to the industry’s response to current global problems, as it is a herbal material. What else can we ask for the new it-bag to be environmentally friendly?

(Collar) Attached Flowers 

Collar flowers, one of the special details of men’s clothing in the early 19th century, will be the indispensable accessory of women’s clothing in the Spring / Summer season of 2020. Even if your jacket is collarless, you can fall under the power of flowers; Try to get inspired by Chanel and attach them – those wonderful camellias – to your hat.

Big Softer

The super-sized bags of the season come in soft forms that allow their shapes to adapt easily. In addition to the designs that surround the body like an armor, the biggest common feature of hand-held bundles is that the bigger they are, the more striking they are.

Rainbow Appearing Percentage

In the sunglasses we have seen in the big, small, sporty and angular states for the last two years, major colors are sitting on the driver’s seat in the Spring / Summer season of 2020. The trend, adapted to almost any form, calls the rainbow colors.

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2020 Spring / Summer Fashion

Square Nose♠

We must thank Demna Gvasalia for designing the most experimental boxy noses of the last decade. Because the trend continues to be in our lives with sandals, boots and heels without filing any corners.

Desire Object: Pleated Bag

With a spring / summer season of 2020, the rounded form is further accentuated, and in some designs, the drawstring bag that almost resembles a bucket will be indispensable for the season. We have no doubt that it will make its mark on the streets with its ideal dimensions and different interpretations that will appeal to every style for women who are constantly on the move.

Coiled and Wrapped Hair

The wrapped hair, which referred to the luxurious hippie splendor of Loulou de la Falaise, one of Yves Saint Laurent’s muse, was on the radar of almost any designer, from Anthony Vaccarello to Angela Missoni. So much so that the artistic interpretations where the wrapping is carried to the catwalks are the kind that will allow you to look at your silk scarves with a new look.

Platform Heels

As soon as the sneakers lost their catwalk shine, flat-high sole sandals were brought to our rescue. It should be noted that the new generation sandals, which are a flashy alternative for your Birkenstock that you have not taken off your feet, are extremely comfortable.

New Leaf Age

The reflection of the first bourgeois appearance introduced by Hedi Slimane with Celine continues in the industry; The glittering style codes of the left side of Paris seem to have attracted the attention of all designers with the 2020 Spring / Summer season. From belts to bags and shoes, the splendor of gold affects accessories.

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Hands Free

While waist bags still maintain their place in combinations, designers continue to look for new ways to free their hands. From the lighter-carrying necklaces to the AirPod cases and even the gloves where you can put your lipstick on, the period of not carrying anything on the hands continues without slowing down.

Sweet Mary Jane 

There is a classic that stands out from the ambitious shoe reviews of the 2020 Spring / Summer season: Mary Jane heels. Whether it’s a classic black or a rich brocade, things seem to be on track for those who desire an elegant silhouette.

2020 Spring / Summer Accessory Trends