10 Suggestions for Sustainable Daily Life ψΩΦψ

10 Suggestions for Sustainable Daily Life ψΩΦψ

ψΩΦψ 10 Suggestions for Sustainable Daily Life ψΩΦψ

  • 06 March 2020 Time: 15; 25

We have put together suggestions that you can adapt to daily life to support sustainability.

Every day we make decisions that will affect the environment, climate and other living species in our lives. Listen to our recommendations to support a sustainable daily life to water use from our diet selection and to ensure that we leave fewer footprints in the world. It is not difficult at all to live more peacefully …

Think twice before shopping

“Extract, Reuse, Recycle” may seem a bit outdated slogan; but this is the first motto to be voiced to adopt a sustainable life. Everything we buy leaves a footprint in the world, from the material it was created to, until the air pollution it creates. So before you buy, ask yourself if this is necessary. If necessary, use your choices for those made with natural material, less packaged and delivered from closer areas.

Make sure big investments benefit the environment ψ∩ψ

If you want to buy a new car, turn to fuel-efficient models. In this way, you can minimize your carbon footprint. Similar situations are valid for white goods such as refrigerators, dishwashers or dryers; If you are going to make such an investment, choose the most energy efficient models. If you need a kettle, consider using solar energy as a priority.

Live a plastic-free life ΩΩ

Plastic does not dissolve in nature. And today we know that plastic, which will cover 40% of the ocean areas on the surface of the world, has spread as a waste and causes the death of thousands of seabirds, turtles and whales every year. You can take a few small steps to minimize your plastic waste; When shopping, you can take cloth bags with you, take out disposable bottles from your life, and obtain your local needs instead of buying plastic-packed products.

Protest wildlife endangered products ΘΘ

Do not buy products that endanger the habitat of living species whose species is in danger with the production of water from the cutting of centuries-old trees. Be sure to read the labels of the products you will buy and choose the ones that are sustainable materials such as bamboo.

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Elements that Threaten Sustainable Life

Use the juice rationally ΞœΞ

We wash everything too much. Although scientists have discovered that excessive cleaning weakens the immune system, everyone consumes very serious amounts of water while taking a bath, washing dishes or washing clothes. Instead, try to reduce the amount of water you use in your daily life and use the water virtuously.

Walk to work, go by bike or share a car ⊂⊂

Your driving habits will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint you left behind. Walking, cycling, sharing cars or using public transportation are much more practical choices for a sustainable life.

Make simple changes in your home⇐

You can increase your energy savings with a few minor changes in your home. For example, make sure that the windows in your home are heat-proof. Choose adjustable thermostats for heating and cooling. Replace your lamps with energy efficient ones for lighting. Take advantage of solar energy for hot water.

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Sustainable Nutrition

Do not consume the descendants of what you eat ◊◊◊

Meat production is one of the most harmful industries for the environment due to its excessive water use, air pollution, greenhouse gas emission and habitat destruction. You should pay attention to three things while reducing your meat consumption for a more sustainable life; avoid food leftovers, shop planned and consume everything you buy.

Balance your sleep with solstices  ∼∏∼

Natural sleep calendar allows you to benefit more from natural light. This is beneficial for the world, both for your health and because you will use less energy.


Volunteer at the gardens •⊗•

Be a member of a community not only to grow your own vegetable fruit, but also to expand the sustainable circle in your region. Because gardens create green spaces and garden waste can be converted into fertilizer that you can use in the garden. Green areas are not only good for your mood, but also for the environment, as they will reduce carbon emissions in cities.

10 Suggestions for Sustainable Daily Life ψΩΦψ