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∞∞∞8 style mistakes that can make  the most perfect bodies look terrible ∞∞∞√

∞∞∞8 style mistakes that can make  the most perfect bodies look terrible ∞∞∞√

∞∞∞8 style mistakes that can make

 the most perfect bodies look terrible ∞∞∞

Published: February 25, 2020, 11:00

While psychologists agree that external appearance is an important factor in determining human mode and self-confidence, it is also a fact that when we look at the other person, we examine their clothes at first glance.

Sometimes we all make very simple dressing mistakes, even celebrities working with designers and stylists who can make the best combinations. Let’s examine 8 terrible outfits that cause these mistakes.

  1. Capri pants

Capri pants have become very popular lately. He stole his heart with the indispensable comfort of everyone from the weak to the overweight, especially in the summer months. However, there is a fact that the capris, which make the short ones even shorter, make our bodies more fat, as the hips are rounder.

2. Asymmetrical dresses and skirts

The most preferred of asymmetrical skirts are skirts with a short front. This style is thought to attract attention to the legs. However, this is quite wrong. Because; The asymmetrical skirt shows you shorter, and adds the cm from your height to your hips because it cuts your body integrity. Instead, women with average and under dyes may prefer dresses with normal length but with a side slit.

3. Knee-skirt dresses on the knee

This style of dress is very suitable for 12 year old girls, not for women! It shows your legs short, making the body wider and disproportionate. It also makes you feel like trying to look younger than it is. If you prefer shorter and narrower dresses instead, you will look longer, you can draw attention to the beauty of your hips.

4. Ruffle blouses and dresses

This style of blouse and dresses draw attention to your waist, but showing a few cm thicker. If you really want to draw attention to your waist, you can use a belt. On the contrary, if you want to keep it, you can make a high waist skirt combination.

5. Cloak coats

These jackets make you look fuller and shorter depending on the fabric they are produced with. If you like these kinds of jackets and want to use them, you should prefer medium and soft thin fabrics.

6. Sweater dresses

Although these sweater dresses were invented to hide body flaws, especially in thin women, it leaves an exaggeratedly rough and bulging impression. It makes big women look bigger. If you want to wear these dresses, you can make your waist look thinner with a belt.

7. Turtleneck sweater

Turtleneck sweaters are one of the rare pieces in your body, each of which has the ability to show flaws. It shortens your neck, revealing disproportionate bodies. If you want to save the situation a little bit, you can put your sweater in your skirt or pants.

8. A-shaped dresses

These kinds of dresses make everyone look fatter than they are. In particular, you can have a scary look with a thick fabric A dress. Therefore, please choose the dress that fits your body as much as possible.

∞∞∞8 style mistakes that can make

 the most perfect bodies look terrible ∞∞∞